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Very Rough Guide to Just a Few Parts of Latin America

sunny 30 °C

Countries Visited:
Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and La-la land. We also saw Paraguay from a hotel window.

Landscapes seen:
Mountains, hills, canyons, altiplano and steppe, beaches and coastline, desert, jungle, tropical, sub-tropical and temperate rain forest, lakes, lagoons, fjords, rivers, glaciars, icebergs, cities, towns and villages, islands, air and sea.

Fauna seen:
Snakes, sloths, llamas, alpacas, vizcunas, guanacos, monkeys, caiman, racoons, lizards, iguanas and shit loads of birds including hummingbirds, vultures and macaws.

Best Country:
Brazil just gets the nod because it's too cool

Best City:
Rio de Janeiro of course, Buenos Aires was let down by not keeping its promise of brilliant nightlife. Cusco in Peru was also very pretty in the centre.

Best Natural Phenonemon:
Hard to seperate between the Iguazu Falls in Brazil/Argentina, the Glaciers in Chile & Argentina and Salar de Uyuni (salt lake) in Bolivia.

Best Man-Made Site:
Macchu Picchu in Peru gets the obvious vote. Not much else after that except the general architecture in Cusco.

Best Beach:
Brazil again comes out on tops. Ipanema & Copacabana in Rio, Salvador and even more so the tropical village getaway of Morro do Sao Paolo.

Best Journey:
Besides the stroke of luck getting the wrong flight to Foz do Iguazu in Brazil, the coach drive through the Lake District from Osorno in Chile to Bariloche in Argentina was very beautiful.

Best Food:
Peru had some nice restaurants. Chile and Bolivia are clueless. Argentina does nice fat steaks but Brazil wins again with its food by the kilo places and all you can eat buffets, which are complimented by constant offerings are grilled meat off a skewer every 5 minutes. I still have steak stuck in my teeth to this day.

Best Beer:
Most beers are very similar to each other, except Bolivian beer which is very fizzy made even more so by the altitude. Chile done some nice beer, but the winner for me was Quilmes from Argentina.

Best Wine:
Chile because there's plentiful, it tastes good and you can buy a litre of it for 60p.

Best cocktail:
Caiperinha's from Brazil definately, although the Pisco Sours of Chile and/or Peru were very good too. Pisco is a type of brandy which hails from two towns called Pisco, one of which is in Peru and the other in Chile. Both countries are on the verge of war over which town made the brandy first.

Best Non-Alcoholic drink:
Inca Kola from Peru. Taste's a bit between Irn Bru and Cream Soda. Mate de Coca from Peru and Bolivia is a nice tea like green tea made from coca leaves, while Brazil has a nice fizzy pop drink called Guarana, which is made from guarana funnily enough.

Best Women:
Not that I was looking but Brazillian women wins hands down. Bolivians are the ugliest.

Best Men:
Not that she was looking but Alex had a bit of a penchant for Bolivian men. Personally, I prefered the suave Argentinian lotharios found around the polo pitch.

Shut ya bloodclot, rude ting, bambaclot irie. Yep, reggae is huge all through South America, which more rootsy and original sounds coming from Salvador in Brazil, while Chile and Peru have their own electronic maximum bass sound called reggaeton. A similar sound was also played in the favela funk parties but had a more minimal garage beat. However, original Jamaican reggae rules over everything, especially Bob Marley, obviously, to the modern dancehall sounds of Sean Paul. Wierdest moment was some Chilean lad toasting to me in true ragga fashion.
Otherwise, there are also the more traditional sounds such as samba and bossa nova in Brazil to salsa and meringue in Peru.

Biggest Regret:
Going to Le Paz to either cycle down the world's most dangerous road or do a tour round San Pedro prison, one of the most dangerous and bizarre in the world, and doing neither due to indecision, weather and Bolivian foreign policy.

Things we missed about Blightly:
Friends, family all that shit. Playing football and the Premiership. Tetley tea. All-day English Breakfast. Language.

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