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Now a lot of you keep telling me that not a lot is going on back home, that your lives are dull and not worth living and that nothing changes. Well, to be honest I could say the same thing about here. Since arriving back in Sydney I've been working and who wants work when there're meant to be on their holibobs. 9 to bluddy 5 in the finance industry of all things. Living for the weekend just like back at home. Patronised daily in the illustrious world of the temp. At times its got us down as this ain't what its supposed to be like especially as time moves so fast. I've only worked for 6 weeks and I'm only working for 3 more but another 3 weeks here have been taken up by looking for work in the first place. On top of that we only seem to really go out at the weekend 'cause our bodies can no longer hack the hangover at work anymore. Nor have I done much in the way of partying or clubbing much to my own displeasure because 1) no one wants to party with me 2) I'm getting old and although I want to party and club it I've developed narcolepsy and start falling asleep by 2am 3) I'm now a complete lightweight on the booze (some of you wrongly think that I already was) and 4) the picky monkey men bouncers keeping turning me away/throwing me out from their establishment.

Now No.4 has actually caused me a lot of bother because of how ridiculous and petty these tw@ts are. "How many drinks have you had?" (None?), "Are you intoxicated?" (No, I'm tee-f*ckin' total, what do think?), "I.D.?" (Seriously!), "No not you" and "Get out". Not being happy with this kind of coersion I've made my point felt on few occasions meaning that I'm either barred or that I can hope that they forget my face, or, in some extreme cases, I have to completely avoid the area for fear of retribution from a 6ft 5 brick outhouse relation to Jonah Lomu. Neverthless, their pedantic ways has continuosly ruined what could have been a good night out, but then a night out here has never been that straightforward. Hopefully that can all be changed (It hadn't - I got chucked out of the same bar twice on Saturday by the same person - just different levels - 2 hours apart - bring on this Saturday when we go out on a rare and much awaited lads night) .

So above is the negative of whats happened over the last 2 months, which I feel is always worth a better story in some ways than the good things. But despite all that there has been many good occasions of late. Its just that this has been more stressful and less enjoyable thanks to the reemergence of work and routine, which I hate and I'm looking forward to quitting soon, then after a few weeks watching the World Cup at four in the morning thorugh a dreary haze, hitting the road again towards Queensland where my mate Lenno is from and then Asia. I suppose after a while this is the norm and you take things for granted as well. I mean I am having the time of my life on the otherside of the world with the love of mylife and good friends like Ol' man Fritz The Albino Negro. I've had some ok nights out - there's not many bars I haven't been to or thrown out of in Sydney. I've met some ok people on the way, wound up a few Aussies and met up with old jersey faces like Hayley's Boss (Cummins) and Cavenagh, Laura Martin and Sean Durkin. I also bumped into an old friend Mark, who used to go out with my old Uni housemate Nicole, in a bar where he was working. He's been here 4 years and recently won bar manager of the year with a full page spread on him in one of the national daily rags. On the flipside the poor s0d also told me how he caught Nicole in bed with another bloke days after they split which was news to me (albeit very amusing).

Me and the bird also caught De la Soul live in concert which was cool (although they didn't play all of the 'classics'), an Aussie Rules match and a Rugby League. Went to the Blue Mountains which were beautiful the other week but is more massive canyon than anything, and had a few more days lazin' down the beach (although that is no longer possible because its 23 degress outside and freezing...somehow...which I cannot quite comprehend). Thought I was a goner a few times as well trying to body surf in the strong rip ending up getting flipped over heals over head, bashed against the seabed 20ft under and scrambling for air and the dear life of me. We've had a couple of house parties as well in our flat and I took Alex up to the posh revolving restaurant at the top of Sydney tower for her birthday. And all in all I suppose we ain't done too bad - its just all calmed down a bit.

In the meantime I look forward to hearing more about your dull lives, like the mate who got caught with his pants down by his (only just) ex-girlfriend, the mate who soiled his pants, the upcoming or already had stag do's and the mate who experimented with a hamster and a Dyson vacuum cleaner in a low-rent br0thel with a Slovakian girl in Leytonstone - keep 'em comin!

Next Episode: My surprise 30th party and my 'missing' few hours after an encounter with a Chinaman.

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