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Having left Lisa Gray in New Zealand for Perth, it was time to catch up with a few more old friends from little ol Jersey - Fitz and his gal Sophie who were flying in from Singapore, and Conrad and Natalie who had emigrated there back in May last year. So yer man here thought that at last it could be great time to have a mad party for a week or so, and even throw in a few lads nights out to boot. But oh how I could have been so wrong. With Fitzy using his usual blisters, no money, can't handle it anymore excuses and Conrad with his knee op, building a house, don't really want to know you anymore now I've refound my Aussie life excuse it just wasn't to be. Thats not to say we didn't have a good time with a few nights out on the lash with Alex being sick over herself, me being fed tap water by a bouncer and another time when I paid over a tenner to watch the Coca-Cola Cup Final over to barely be able to keep my eyes open, leaving for a cigarette and not being allowed back in to watch us (Man Utd) lift the trophy. Overwise, apart from that we spent most of the time chilling round the hostel pool, or whipping Fitz at ping-pong, bar a day down the beach, a trip to the gorgeous Rottnest Island or nearby Freemantle (Freo to the locals). We liked Perth though cause it was pretty laid back, the beach was cool and the sun never stopped shining.

The day Fitz and Sophie were to leave Alex's sister Natalie and her Oirish mate Fiona flew over to join us as well and two days later us four went on a two week road trip round Western Australia in a beast of a campervan. We only wanted a four berth but were given a six berth and I got off to a great start driving the damn thing when I got stuck in an indoor car park with height restrictions. After that though I managed to tame the beast (we named her Helga) and I was riding her without any problems, bar some close shaves with a few kangeroos and emus, getting the best out of the German bitch. Although we were driving a bit too much at times (Oz is a massive country) we had a great laugh and saw some amazing places on the way, including some great beaches, the best we've seen in a life - white sands and warm(ish) turquoise waters.

We went inland to the outback for a short while passing through some fly infested ghost towns from the goldstruck era to see what they call REAL Australia. I also took a particular interest in going to a larger gold mining town called Kalgoorlie because there, I read that many of the pubs there had girls dressed in just their bra and knickers serving you your beer. Unfortunately though it seemed that the tradition was dying out and were being replaced by "trendy wine bars". I mean I could go to them anywhere!! We also had a great night one night where, once my back was turned, all these ugly hicks started blatantly hitting on the girls. As you can imagine, they loved it!

Also on the trip we tried our hand at a bit of sandboarding where Alex almost broke her neck before heading back to Perth where we all had long-distant relatives we were to visit, which were all very pleasant. Mine were my dads cousins and their family and Alex and Natalie had the grandad's cousin and his family. Then it was off to Melbourne (including where we stayed with Natalie and her mate for a week before coming back to Sydney which is where I am now -trying to find a job which no-one is prepared to give me.

We did contemplate staying in Melbourne instead because it was a really cool city and because the poor man's olympics were on but in the end Sydney's beaches and better weather won the day and at first I was glad to be back after a few luscious days down Bondi. But after a few run-in's with the local monkey men and the fact that I don't want to f*ckin work let alone running around not getting one anyway, has really bitten my @rse. But nevermind. There's still a bit of fun to be had around this city just yet. And at least its better than being back home. Oh, and guess what? we've only got a flat with Fitzy and Sophie.

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