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The beautiful country of New Zealand. The land of cascading, dramatic landscapes, hobbits and mad-bastads trying to kill themselves by taking it to the max. We landed in sh!tty little Christchurch before heading down to Queenstown where we were supposed to jump out of planes. Keeping ourselves of the gin n juice for a night both of us raced ourselves for what we were about to do. Now Alex has sh@t herself about many things but nothing compared to the idea of jumping out of a plane at 12,000 ft. But worse was to come. The rain came and our nerves had to be put on hold for another day as the jump got cancelled.

Alex didn't know whether to be relieved or not but I couldn't let matters lie and went on the rampage looking for an extreme sport. And so I chose canyon swinging. Much like a bungy but you also swing from one side to another for ages as well, over and above the town below. I had to get a cable car up the side of a mountain just to get there and I'd be lying if I didn't say I was slightly sh!ttin it but once I went the loudest scream came from Alex who was convinced I was a goner! It was quite a nervy experience and I was glad to back on level ground at the end of it.

Two days later we attempted to do another sky dive, this time over Lake Wanaka but were once again thwarted by the weather. So instead we decided to leave that idea for a little while and concentrate instead on NZ's natural beauty and other things such as whale watching. This was just amazing as we saw a couple of massive sperm whales breach from the water then dive back down 15 minutes later. The weather ruined our visit to Abel Tasman National Park a couple of days later as we were unable to enjoy the beautiful beaches there. We were then on our way to the North Island to visit the cool city of Wellington before arriving at Lake Taupo, with hangover, to at last do our sky dive. And this time the weather was perfect and we had no escape. The tension was riduculous as we waited at least a couple of hours before it was our turn. Then it seemed to take forever for the plane to get to 12,000ft. But once we out - wow. One of the best things we ever done. It was just incredible. You should have seen Alex's little face as she got pushed out it was so funny (and its been captured on DVD) but she ended up loving every minute of it.

And so that was enough extreme sporting for a lifetime and it was back to more relaxing ways of enjoying NZ. Next up we went to Rotorua the spiritual home of the Maori's and the smelliest place on earth. Here we went zorbing and went to a Maori theatre show but the reason the town stank was because of all the sulphur from the geo-thermal areas around it. We left there to go to the Bay of Plenty to swim with wild dolphins but unfortunately the weather only permitted us to see them from the boat. It was still good though as we witness a pod of 200 swim along with the boat.

Finally we were off to Auckland, the biggest city in New Zealand. It was an okay city but the main reason we were there was to see my good friend from Jersey Lisa and Sarah in nearby Waiheiki Island. It was great to see them and we spent a few days in their company. The island they were staying on was very chilled and relaxed and we had a good laugh getting p!ssed one night before we left New Zealand to join some more old Jersey mates in Perth back in Oz.

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