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overcast 36 °C

Countries Visited:
Japan & China (including Hong Kong). Oh… and France and Spain.

Landscapes seen:
Thick cloud and fog for best part, interspersed with hills and cityscapes and urban sprawls and a bit of sea.

Fauna seen:
Bugger all.

Best City:
Hong Kong

Best Natural Phenonemon:
Mount Fuji would have been if we could see more than just it’s naval.

Best Man-Made Site:
Great Wall of China is the obvious contender.

Best Beach:
in Hong Kong might have been nice if it wasn’t pissing it down.

Best Journey:
The bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto was cool and fucking fast, even if the views out of the window were uninspiring – especially with Fuji being so reclusive.

Best Food:
Paris and Nerja in Spain for some much welcome European food. Noodles and rice just got so monotonous elsewhere and we couldn’t afford (or understand how to order) much else.

Best Beer:
The San Miguel poured from my mate Whitley’s bar in Nerja, Spain plus some of the Asahi beers bought from a street vending machine in Tokyo

Best Women:
The Japanese dolls wins hands down. A bit freaky at times but immaculate.

Best Men:
Alex liked the Chinese men.

Nothing significant heard anywhere although the Japanese have a massive market of their interpretation of Western pop and rock.

Biggest Regret:
Not getting on the fuckin plane to Dehli to finish our trip as it was planned thanks to Alex’s panics and nerves and media/American terror panic inducement. The former is annoying because after ten months traveling around the world you would have thought she’d toughened up. The latter because all this terror bullshit is exactly that. Bullshit. And its putting irrational bouts of fear into people when not necessary. Fuck this shit its annoying me all over again just thinking about it. Yankee wankers

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